Body Moisturiser Range For Dry Skin

Meet MOUSSON DRY SKIN body lotion and body cream

Whether you have Normal Skin or Dry SkinMOUSSON DRY SKIN body lotion and cream hydrates skin, leaving it moisturised and smooth. THE MOUSSON DRY SKIN Moisture Lotion salvages dry, dull skin with cocoa, shea butter, and coconut oil. Leaving your skin super-soft and radiant. The MOUSSON DRY SKIN moisturising lotion and cream are infused with:

Cocoa Butter Nourishes

Shea Butter Moisturises

 Coconut oil Replenishes

We’ve designed the MOUSSON DRY SKIN body moisturiser range for Dry skin types. Our unique lotions and creams will give leave your skin radiant for 48 hours.

MOUSSON DRY SKIN turns dry, dull skin into a super-radiant, ultra-soft, SKINSATIONAL 48 hours.

Cocoa Butter


Shea Butter


Coconut Oil


The Moisture Solution for Dry, Dull Skin

Mousson offers both lotion and cream variants.


We know that different consumers have different  preferences, hence two variations that achieve the same results.

The lotion formula is ideal for warmer months as it’s easy to apply and settles in quickly. During colder seasons the cream has a thicker consistency, locking in moisture and fighting dryness.

MOUSSON  is available at most leading pharmacies and retail outlets nationwide. Don’t get left behind, find your local stockist today.