1 body moisturiser, 3 results.

Triple Results, Mousson Laboratories’ new range of body lotions and creams, consists of three sets of ingredients to deliver three sets of results and benefits for various skin types.

Different skin types require different forms of moisturisation to look and feel its best.

Complete Moisture

Our Hydrate body moisturiser is specifically designed for normal to dry skin.  In the Hydrate range, we aimed for more hydration since this is mainly what normal skin needs. Pro-vitamin B5, Aloe Vera extract and Superfruit extract ensures we offer a multitude of benefits including skin hydration while improving skin texture. The combination of fruit acids and vitamins offer the best skincare benefits including anti-oxidant, soothing and softening of the skin.

 Intense Moisture

Our second variant, the Nourish body moisturiser does exactly what the name says and is aimed at drier skin. This is achieved through the use of a combination of butters and oils. Cocoa butter and Shea butter are used in many skin and hair care applications due to the fact that they contain high fatty acids levels. Coconut oil melts easily on the skin and leaves a wonderfully nourished skin without a heavy after-feel. Together this combination assists with sealing in moisture and ensuring the skin remains soft and supple.

Complete Moisture

Then last but not least, catering for very dry skin we offer the Restore moisturiser which is based on a combination of oils and marine extracts. The Sweet almond oil in this product is a natural emollient for the skin and Argan oil, the last of the trio is packed with omega fatty acids and vitamin E. Together these components help to moisturise and soften your skin by locking in moisture and forming a protective barrier.

Our Promise

Mousson is backed by exceptional research and development team, with loads of experience and we know that each skin type has different needs, so we selected suitable ingredients for each variant to make sure the ultimate skincare result is achieved.  We created a real good base formulation and each variant has at least three main components to achieve these great results and on top of it, all of them offer amazing 48-hour moisture. 

Difference between lotion and cream?

You might wonder why we launch a lotion and a cream in the same variant?  Simply because we know that different consumers have different preferences – whether it’s just a personal like or simply a seasonal requirement. In general, a lotion formula is usually not as thick as a cream which makes it perfect to use during summer, while a cream, with a thicker consistency, are perfect for the winter months.