Native to the Middle East and having been explored historically beyond 400BC, Almond Oil, which derives from the “king of nuts” also known as the Almond nut, was first used to boost cognitive functions – it is there where the multiple advantages of the oil were first discovered.


Almond oil bottle surrounded by almond oils

The healing properties of Almond oil for skin became popular among the ancient Chinese and Indian – it was used to treat conditions such as eczema and rashes. Additional to its healing properties, it was also discovered that it had soothing and emollient properties, making it the perfect natural remedy for sunburn and scaring. According to Healthline, Almond Oil comes in two forms – Bitter and Sweet almond oil. The Sweet oil variation is most used in skincare products as it boasts in richness in proteins and minerals, making it the perfect base oil for skin products.

At Mousson Laboratories, extensive research regarding each ingredient we use in our products is carried out. We selected suitable ingredients for each variant to make sure the ultimate result is achieved. Taking into consideration the different skin types found in Southern African hemisphere, we developed skincare products which would not only provide 48 hours of moisture but help achieve long term skin hydration – to moisturise and soften your skin by locking in moisture and forming a protective barrier.

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The Sweet almond oil in this product is a natural emollient for the skin. Combined with Argan oil and omega fatty acids and vitamin E, the Rich Moisture Cream lotion and cream was specially created to help treat dry to very dry skin.


Acne-clearing agent

Because of its emollient properties, the ease in which it seeps into the skin and cleans out any build-up which may aggravate an existing or new acne condition. Additionally, it’s known to reduce inflammation that may occur on the skin by providing relief to irritated skin caused by various conditions.

Provides aid for skin rashes

Skin rashes are caused by inflammation and irritation that occurs on the skin. Due to Almond Oil’s pure and natural properties, its ability to provide needed moisture for irritated skin is impeccable – you won’t have to worry about your skin rash being exposed to chemical reactions.

Natural remedy for sunburn

One of the most sought-after remedies for sunburn is a mixture of essential oil such as lavender oil and a carrier oil such as Sweet Almond oil. Because Lavender oil can be harsh to the skin when applied directly, mixing it with Almond oil can help achieve the perfect sunburn treatment, proving your skin with necessary hydration it needs.

Foot repair agent

Its antibacterial properties make it the perfect oil to treat foot conditions such as athlete foot, ringworms or any other fungal infections that your feet might incur.

Aid the elimination of dry skin

Another great property of almond oil is its ability to promote the body’s stimulation of collagen. Collagen is a protein that assists in providing the skin with elasticity. By massaging a few drops of Sweet Almond oil onto your skin 2-3 times a week, your dry skin will experience relief and receive moisture.

Since Almond oil is base oil, this means it works perfectly with other essential oils such as Lavender and Chamomile oil – it provides your skin with a safe mixture and protects it from any harsh reactions, not forgetting its hydration formulas. Living a skinsational lifestyle should be an everyday journey you take, and at Mousson, we would like to lead you through that journey for healthy, smooth and radiant skin.