The long-awaited trendy season is finally here– summer! Not only do our electricity bills become more affordable, but our wardrobes get a change – summer clothes in, winter clothes out. Wearing that sleeveless dress or short skirt sounds like an excellent idea, especially if your arms and legs look ultra-soft and radiant because you used your Mousson Triple Results Lotion.

Fashionable lady in street square

Is it a good idea to wear that dress from 2014 though? Well, it depends. Fashion trends as old as 20 years have bounced back– vintage clothing, wide-leg denim jeans, you name it. Pairing up your gran’s old floral shirt with modern shirts can create a minimalistic appearance this summer, but what do you add to complete the look? Sunglasses, a hat or a pair of earrings? In this article, we take you through some of this summer’s must-have accessories to go along with your skinsational look.



Lady in yellow sweater wearing sunglasses

Depending on the shape of your face, sunglasses are a must-have this season. For round faces, go for square, angular frames. For square faces, try rounded frames. If you have an oval shape, then you can pick and choose as most frames will accentuate your shape. 90’s small-framed sunglasses are making a return, so if you want to explore and be bold, try them out. To see which frame you should get, visit All About Vision.

Hat or Beret

Berets are another blast from the past accessory. Pair up with sunglasses and a lippy that matches your personality and mood on that day, and you have a winning recipe. If you’re looking to cover up an old hairstyle or just want to wear something on your hair, then this is the accessory for you. If you’re going to be spending the day at the beach, then a hat is a must-have. If you’re going to a lifestyle event, then a bucket-hat is a perfect choice.  Switch it up and explore with various colours and shapes as well.


Hoops, studs or drops, the question is, how are you styling your hair? For updo’s and ponytails, then we recommend you wear hoops or drops to create that added effect for your face. For hair that will be left loose like braids, then studs should do the trick as they won’t get hooked onto the hair.

Lady wearing a Fanny Pack

Fanny Pack

Another 80’s accessory making its way back into the 21st century. Going to a music festival, picnic or any outdoor event? Then a fanny pack is a perfect accessory as it’s convenient and light. There are various colours and designs to choose from, so you don’t need to worry about it matching your outfit. Forever 21 has a trendy range you can check out.

Market Bag

We’re all about using recyclable material and saving the earth, right? Why not reduce your carbon footprint by up-cycling your old denim and creating a new bag? Not only are you saving money, but you get to keep that clothing item alive in your wardrobe. If you’re not the DIY type, then you can find one at a flea market near you.