Having a handbag is like waving a magic wand – everything and anything comes out of there. There are different sizes for different occasions, but do we know what the essentials that should always be present are?

We go everywhere with our handbags: to school, work, gym, birthday parties, to get some Mousson from the store, you name it! In most cases, these are last-minute engagements which leave us frazzled – which handbag do I take? Noting the essentials is important – no matter which bag you take, always ensure that your must-have items are always available.

Alongside skincare, Mousson advocates for lifestyle. We know what active women prefer and we try our best to make sure we give you the best tricks and tips to live your best skinsational life!


Hand Sanitizer

Someone offers you a snack at the office? Your child wants to eat their snack now and not at home? You just touched the handles at your local store and feel the germs on your hand? Hand sanitizer is there for you. Not only is it convenient but also affordable. Clean hands are a girls’ second-best friend – after chocolate of course.

Mousson body lotion and cream

Mousson Triple Results Lotion

There’s nothing worse than going to a business meeting, a braai or an interview with dry hands. What’s even worse is using a lotion that doesn’t remedy your dryness. Rest assured by keeping any Mousson Triple Results product in your bag for any occasion – no more embarrassing days.

Body Spritzer

We all know how sticky one can become when it’s hot, and as always, sweat brings along an odour that most don’t appreciate. Having a body spritzer in your handbag can save you on a hot day, or after a long day running around town and you have a date to attend. A little spray here and there can save the day.

Sanitary towels/tampons

Sanitary towels in a pouch

What may seem like the obvious choice in many cases is often forgotten at home. You miscount or forget the day the Aunt Flow must come to visit resulting in you forgetting her present. Always have a backup in place, you never know, your colleague or a stranger might need it as well.

Wet wipes

Spilt cold drink and now your hands are sticky? Have to remove smudged lipstick? Want to wipe that sweat spell from your underarms before you use your spritzer? Wet wipes can do all of that and more. Your child or partner will find them handy as well when those inconveniences strike.

Charging cable

 “I swear I charged it before I left” is a phrase we hear all too often. To avoid your phone going flat, always have a cord available. Many coffee shops and offices offer a charging station which allows you to stick your cable in and charge your device, saving you time and stress.

Breath Mints

Because nobody wants to be caught dead with bad breath. That tuna salad, the garlic roll, or maybe you’ve been slaving away at your screen without talking for 3 hours. Your breath might need saving from the lasting effects. Always have a pack of sweets or bubblegum to rescue your mouth.