Almost every beauty blogger has bragged about the amazing results of coconut oil on skin. Dry skin? Coconut oil. Want your skin to glow? Coconut oil. But how accurate are these descriptions? And why does Mousson’s Triple Results Intense Moisture Cream and Lotion contain coconut oil?


Native to tropical regions such as Indonesia, Jamaica and Kenya, the oil is extracted from the ‘meaty’ kernel of the coconut palm. For many years it has been used to treat various health conditions such as blood sugar and cholesterol as well as skin ailments such as eczema. Popular for its nail and hair strengthening components, at 24°C, the multipurpose medium-chain fatty acids become solid and can be used as a shaving agent or to remove stubborn eye makeup. The many uses of this miracle oil have made it the go-to natural oil for skincare treatments, especially for treating symptoms associated with dry skin.

lady holding half open coconut

As Brand Leaders in the Health and Beauty Industry, Mousson brings you the highest quality in skincare products. Our extensive research has placed us in a position to bring you helpful tricks and tips to navigate your everyday life in a skinsational manner. Below, we look at the various benefits that coconut oil has for your skin and how you can utilize it to help make your skin feel skinsational.


Mousson Triple Results Intense Moisture

Have dry skin? Then Mousson’s Triple Results Intense Moisture Lotion or Cream is the perfect product for you. The Intense Moisture salvages dry, dull skin with cocoa, shea butter, and coconut oil. Leaving your skin super-soft and radiant.

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Eye bag Doctor

Looking to reduce inflammation under your eyes? Coconut oil is the answer. By just applying a small among under your eyes after you’ve completed your nighttime regime, the skin under your eyes will appear hydrated and healthy, also minimizing the appearance of fine lines.

Vitamin E moisture barrier

Known for its anti-ageing benefits for the skin, the vitamin also contains natural flora which is perfect for providing the skin with the necessary barriers to keep moisture locked in and hydrated.

foot with cream applied on

Perfect for flaky heels and elbows

Noting its thick consistency, coconut oil marinates itself through the cracks associated very dry skin. When applied to dry heels at night, cover your feet with socks to get maximum results

Cost-effective exfoliator

You’ve heard us emphasise the importance of exfoliating your skin to achieve radiant skin, well coconut oil makes for the perfect base. Mix with coarse salt and your skin will thank you. The soothing properties of scrubbing away dead skin cells leaves the surface feeling soft and smooth.

As much as coconut oil can help relieve many issues, it shouldn’t be overused as this can clog your pores. In some cases, it can lead to an allergic reaction, that is why it is recommended to test a small amount on your elbow to test for a reaction before you move on to more prominent features on your skin such as the face.