Having dry legs can be a burden; not only do they restrict you from wearing your favourite outfit, but they can also be itchy, resulting in discomfort – not skinsational at all. Dry legs can be seasonal, or an everyday thing. Depending on the severity of the condition, in most cases, it can be treated with home remedies with a product change or natural remedy.


According to the Healthline, if you experience two or more symptoms on this list, then you may be experiencing dry skin on your legs:

Dry skin

Ashy looking skin

Itchy skin

Cracked skin

Skin that feels tight after being exposed to water

If you experience additional symptoms such as bleeding skin, crust that oozes or peels, then you may want to see a dermatologist or your GP for further treatment.


If you, like many, have had this problem from childhood, you may be more likely to ignore this issue as it has grown on you. That should not be the case as in most instances, there is a cause for your dry legs.


Eczema is a common cause that most people struggle with. The condition can be characterised by patches of dry skin that occur anyone on the body. Treatment to sooth the effects do exist and can be prescribed your Doctor.

Lady shaving legs with razor


This too can lead to dry legs. When you shave your legs, you’re also removing oil from your skin. Dry shaving and using soap instead of shaving cream can also contribute to this.

Exposure to water

If you’re a swimmer or have prolonged exposure water daily, that can also cause dry skin. Ensuring that you apply moisturiser to your legs after you dry them is important. Limiting exposure to very hot showers and baths can also help alleviate the condition.

Weather changes

In most cases, your legs become drier during colder months. The low humidity levels in the air create conditions which either promote dry skin or make it harder for the skin to recover from dry skin spells.

Skin Products

Try to avoid using harsh soaps on your skin if you have dry legs. These products contain ingredients that are designed to remove oils, which can also cause dry skin, especially on the legs which are more often than not, exposed to chafing.

As leaders in skincare, Mousson has garnered enough experience over the years to know what really works for dry legs. Our Triple Results range has been specially formulated to help alleviate dry skin. We have formulated a list of skincare tips which can help with the alleviation of dry legs.


Limit your bath and shower

Washing with hot water removes the oils from your body, and If done more than once a day, it can be hard to recover those oils. Try to limit your bath to once a day. Shortening your wash time to 5-10 minutes can make a difference to your legs.

Moisturise your legs

Apply a warm wet towel around your legs for 10-15 minutes. After removing the towel, apply any Mousson Triple Results cream to seal in the moisture. It is advised to use the cream over the lotion if you’re looking to treat ashy legs.

Shave your legs with a moisturising gel

Busy schedules can get in the way of effectively doing things, shaving is one of them. Due to time constraints, most people have resulted to dry shaving or shaving with a bar of soap, which is cost-effective and saves time but can lead to dry skin. After shaving, apply any of the Mousson Triple Results creams to help retain moisture. Shaving in the evening is recommended as the heat generated from your blankets will help with the effectiveness of your Mousson cream

Essential Oils

Coconut oil, olive oil and all other essential oils are great for dry skin but be careful which ones you use. For the best results, it is best to use chamomile, lavender or Myrrh oil to help alleviate the dry legs. Carrier oils that go well with essential oils include Jojoba and Argan oil. Applying a few drops in the bath or applying them to the legs before bedtime. Consult a doctor before you decide as each oil has its pros and cons. Establishing the cause for your dry legs or what contributes to the condition is important for treatment. With smooth, hydrated and soft legs, feeling skinsation has never been easier with Mousson